MHARC Minutes – June 6, 2013

Moose Horn Amateur Radio Club
Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2013

The monthly meeting of the Moose Horn Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 1900 on June 6, 2013 by President John Pfeifer, WL7M at the home of Bill, KL7RHJ.

John, WL7M; Bill, KL7RHJ;  Robert, KL2RU; Skip, KL7NN; Huck, KL3IN; Tim, KL3CV, Ed, VE6NH/, Tom, KL3TC; Ted, KL3RG; Max, WA7B, Rich, KL7RA and Van, KL7AN

A.  Approval of Agenda
The agenda was presented for informational purposes.

B.  Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on May 2, 2013 were read.  Huck, KL3IN moved that the minutes be accepted, seconded by Ed, VE6NH/,  motion passed.

C.  Treasurer’s Report

D.  Old Business:
IRLP – Robert, AL2B is still looking for another location willing to host it. Volunteers are needed to remove the antenna and coax from the present location.

Website – President John, WL7M is in the process of setting up a new website with Web Hosting Pad, a firm he has used for his personal website. He was unable to resolve the problem with our current website, so has contracted for four years of service with the new firm for $95.00. He is still working on it loading all our other information, but for now, only the advertising for the Ham Fest is on the site

Field Day: June 22/23, 2013. After discussion, a majority of the attendees selected Skyview HS as the site for this event. Plan to meet at the King Salmon for breakfast around 7:00 AM, afterwards to pick up tower trailer and communication trailer with hopes of being on-site between 9 and 10 AM.  There will be a Potluck lunch around 1:00 PM, the club to furnish hamburgers and hot dogs. We will use call KL7AN, and some members will bring radios. Plans are to operate SSB, CW, PSK31 and perhaps Satellite.

Suggestion was made to see if Boy Scouts could be invited or asked to participate.

Hamfest: planning is ongoing, raffle items have been purchased and a testing session has been scheduled. Visitation afterwards will be to the home of Rich, KL7RA. Advertising has been sent to other Alaska Clubs. Ed, KL7UW is still looking for speakers or someone willing to do a presentation.

Huck, KL3IN brought 10 surplus batteries that were available to anyone needing some.

E.  New Business:
KL7PB has asked for some help in installing his vertical. Members will talk to him about this and set a time and date.

F.  Announcements:
Robert, AL2B has around 70 feet of tower for sale.
During the August meeting a J pole will be constructed.

G.  Adjournment:
No further business was brought forward and Huck, KL3IN moved to adjourn at 2005, seconded by Van, KL7AN, motion passed.

H.  Program:
Max, WA7B demonstrated his raspberry pi.

Agenda for Next Meeting:
Continue discussion of Ham Fest, Website, IRLP, July picnic (now slated for Aug.)

Minutes submitted by:         Bill Nelson – Secretary/Treasurer

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