MHARC Minutes – August 1, 2013

Moose Horn Amateur Radio Club
Meeting Minutes
August 1, 2013

The monthly meeting of the Moose Horn Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 1900 on August 1, 2013 by President John Pfeifer, WL7M at the EOC Building in Soldotna.

John, WL7M; Bill, KL7RHJ; Skip, KL7NN; Huck, KL3IN; Tim, KL3CV; Ed, VE6NH/; Braden, KL3HR; Janice’, KL3RI, Van, KL7AN and guest Lt. Dane Gilmore, AST.

A.  Approval of Agenda
The agenda was presented for informational purposes.

B.  Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on June 6, 2013 were read.  It was noted that there was not a meeting in July since the meeting night fell on the 4 Th. Huck, KL3IN moved that the minutes be accepted, seconded by Van, KL7AN, motion passed.

C.  Treasurer’s Report

D.  Old Business:
Website – President John, WL7M has made progress in the development of a new website which is being hosted by Webhostingpad. He is still working with the former host in an attempt to transfer the domain name to the new host, and this may be resolved in the next couple months. The cost of this service is $95.52 for four years. He asked that any pictures or news articles be forwarded to him for inclusion on the club website.

Field Day: A discussion ensued regarding our efforts during this event. Attendees felt the location was a good, additional signage brought in more visitors (thought to be over 60), and there was good participation, etc. Rich, KL7RA offered several suggestions that were discussed and need attended to. We need to think about a work day to correct some of these problems.

Our next public events could be in September (Safety Awareness Month) and possibly in Homer for Refuges on the Air in October.

Hamfest: This was again a successful event for the club. Attendance was around 63.

A total of $883.00 was generated, and the testing session resulted in one upgrade and a new technician license. Expenses were$462.32 leaving a profit of $456.68. Attendees thanked ED and Janet Cole for again spending so much time and effort in organizing the event.

IRLP: Tim, KL3CV has volunteered to host the station. The vertical antenna and coax needs to be removed from Don Merry’s home, and the radio and accessories secured from Robert, AL2B.  Bill, KL7RHJ will contact Don and see if a work party can go to his home on the 6th of August and remove the antenna and coax.

Picnic: August 17th was selected as the primary date of the Picnic with the 24th as an alternative. Time would be around 1:00 PM at the home of Victor and Joan Hett.

E.  New Business:
Lt. Dane Gilmore with the AST gave a presentation on the need of the assistance of the Ham community in providing communications in the event of a natural disaster on the Kenai Peninsula. Citing the failures experienced during the two wind storms in November of 2011, he was interested in what communications assistance the ham community could provide in getting messages from the EOC in Soldotna to the communities of Homer, Seward and Girdwood. EOC/911 personnel would set up in the large training room and would provide messages or dispatch instructions that could be relayed to ham stations in these other communities that would then be given to troopers in these areas. Attendees felt this is something we could accomplish through the stations set up at the Homer and Seward hospitals. John, WL7M will investigate what amateur stations are in Girdwood and we’d then see if there were any willing participants. We need to test the hospital radios as it has been several months since a test was run. Lt. Gilmore suggested a drill sometime later in the year, possibly in October or November.

F.  Announcements:

G.  Adjournment:
No further business was brought forward and Ed, VE6NH/ moved to adjourn at 2025, seconded by Huck, KL3IN, motion passed.

H.  Program:
Skip, KL7NN brought in a home-made J-Pole he constructed from ½” copper pipe.

Agenda for Next Meeting:
Continue discussion of   Website, IRLP, September Highway Clean-up, Possible Safety day at Home Depot, Refuges on the Air potential in October, activating and testing  hospital radios.

Minutes submitted by:         Bill Nelson – Secretary/Treasurer

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