MHARC Minutes – January 2, 2014

Moose Horn Amateur Radio Club
Meeting Minutes
January 2, 2014

The monthly meeting of the Moose Horn Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 1900 on January 2 by President John Pfeifer, WL7M at the EOC Building in Soldotna.

John, WL7M; Max, WA7B; Skip, KL7NN; Ed, KL7UW; Robert/KL2RU; Ed, VE6NH; Vic, KL7VIC; Tom/KL3TC; Ted, KL3RG, Pam, Pending.

A. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was presented for informational purposes.

B. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on December 5, 2013 were presented and approved.

C. Treasurer’s Report

D. Old Business:

Alaska Shield Exercise: Lt. Gilmore discussed the club’s participation in the Alaska Shield Exercise coming up in March. The Alaska State Troopers would like the club to relay messages between Soldotna, Homer and Anchorage.

Ham Classes: Several people have expressed interest in taking a ham class. Members interested in helping with upcoming classes should contact Max, WA7B.

E. Adjournment
Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Pam.

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