MHARC Minutes – February 6, 2014

Meeting Minutes February 6, 2014

Members Present:
John/WL7M, Max/WA7B, Skip/KL7NN, ED/KL7UW, Robert/KL2RU, Ed/VE6NH, Vic/KL7VIC, Tom/KL3TC, and TED/KL3RG.

Motion by Ed/VE6NH to accept Jan. minutes as published, second by Vic/KL7VIC, motion passed.
Treasurer’s report read and accepted with no changes from last month.

A. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was presented for informational purposes.

B. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on January 2, 2014 were presented and approved.
C. Old Business

Discussed the upcoming “Alaska Shield” exercise scheduled for March 27. There will be a meeting with Borough personnel to be announced.

John and Skip reported on the hospital radio test and hams who dropped in to the stations. Seward: Sue McClure/NL7DP/ Bix McClure/AL3N and Craig Williamson/KLIUD. At Homer the hams who visited included Jeff Williams/KL2HD, John Reich/KL2DV and Patrick Brown/KL3DB. Glenn Radeke, Facilities Director at Homer hospital, who was interested in sending 213 forms etc., also stopped by the Homer station.

Discussed the various digital modes and noted that more hams need to get up to speed on FLDIGI.
It was decided that a 40 meter antenna is needed for Homer as there is only a 75 meter inverted V installed. Seward has a dual band for 75 and 40 meters.

Still considering ham classes.

D. New Business

John/WL7M reported on a meeting in Kodiak with Rich Courtney/NL9H who is active with Navy MARS. They frequently pass traffic using digital modes such as Thor22 and MT63. The Kodiak ham club has a new station in Bayside Fire Department and is forming a working relationship with Providence Kodiak Island Hospital.

Challenger Center contacted Max, WA7B about having someone explain Ham radio to a group of youngsters and will get back to us later as to date and time.

E. Adjournent

Ed/KL7UW moved for adjournment seconded by Ed/VE6NH.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm

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