MHARC Minutes – May 1, 2014

Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2014

Members Present: John/WL7M, Max/WA7B, Skip/KL7NN, Ed/VE6NH, Tom/KL3TC, Van/KL7AN, and Huck/KL3IN, John/KL7IGZ, Ted/KL3RG, Guest: Ron/W8PVZ.

A. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was presented for informational purposes.

B. Approval of Minutes
Motion by Skip/KL7NN to accept April minutes as published, second by Huck/KL3IN, motion passed.

C. Treasurer’s Report
Motion by Ed/VE6NH, seconded by Van/KL7AN to accept report. Motion passed.

D. Old Business
Discussed if we should hold a Hamfest this year. Several members expressed concern that if we didn’t, it would be difficult to start back up next year. John suggested we approach the Homer club to see if they would want to alternate as hosts every-other-year and call it the Kenai Peninsula Hamfest. Motion was made by Ted/ and seconded by Ed/VE6NH, to hold the Hamfest July 12th at the Soldotna EOC. Passed unanimously.

Van/KL7AN gave an update on the W1AW anniversary event, June 17th through 23rd. We will be looking for volunteers to operate the station at Ed Back’s house (digital and RTTY). More information at the June meeting.

Discussed whether or not to rent a Post Office box. Huck said he is not using his street address for mail, and would be happy to let the club use his neighborhood post office box. Motion to do just that was made by Ed/VE6NH and seconded by Van/KL7AN. Motion passed.

Huck gave a report on additional borough briefings regard the Arctic Shielf exercise.

E. New Business
John/WL7M gave a report on the Alaska CW “Special Operator” project being organized by Alaska SEC Linda Mullen. These special operators only need to be able to send/receive CW at 13 wpm in order to qualify. Participants will be trained in sending health and welfare messages. Anyone interested should contact John/WL7M.

The Nome club has offered to loan us a Pactor modem for use at the Borough EOC station. The modem would allow us to use Winlink to pass message traffic to/from Anchorage during emergencies. Huck/ KL3IN made a motion to accept the offer, seconded by Van/KL7AN. Motion passed.

Planning for Field Day June 28 and 29. The consensus was to set up at Skyview High School again this year. More discussion at June meeting.

Members decided to conduct the annual “Adopt-a-Highway” clean-up on May 24th. If you want to help out, meet at the Moose Is Loose at 10 a.m.

A tentative date for the summer picnic was set for July 26th. We will finalize at the June meeting.

Members discussed equipment that may be needed for the MHARC trailer. Members agreed to conduct a walk-through at the trailer after the trash pickup on May 24th. More discussion to follow.

F. Announcements
Volunteers are needed to be net control station on the IRLP morning net.

G. Adjournment
Johnny/KL3IGZ moved and Van/KL7AN seconded. No objection.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm

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