MHARC Minutes – June 5, 2014

Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2014

Members Present: John/WL7M, Max/WA7B, Skip/KL7NN, Ed/VE6NH, Rich/KL7RA, Ted/KL3RG, Chuck/NL7PW, Ed/KL7UW, Van/KL7AN, Huck/KL3IN, Vic/KL7VIC, Johnny/KL7IGZ and Ron/W8PVZ.

A. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was presented for informational purposes.

B. Approval of Minutes
Motion by Ed/VE6NH to accept April minutes as published, second by Van/KL7AN, motion passed.

C. Treasurer’s Report
Motion by Van/KL7AN, seconded by Max/WA7B to accept report. Motion passed.

D. Old Business
Annual road cleanup was successfully completed. We picked up 8 bags and assorted large pieces of trash. Thanks to Ed B., Max, Van, Vic, Ron, John and Olivia for helping out.

Rich/KL7RA and Van/KL7AN briefed the members on the upcoming W1AW Anniversary Event operation to take place June 17 – 24. The MHARC trailer will be set up at Ed Back’s house and we will use his beam. The MHARC portable tower and beam will also be set up for an additional operating position. MHARC members will be operating 20m, PSK throughout the week.

Field Day is coming up June 28 – 29. Vic/KL7VIC suggested we should set up at a location that is more visible/accessible to the public. The consensus was to stick with the current plan to set up at Skyview High School and to explore other locations for Field Day 2015. Set up will begin after breakfast at PJ’s restaurant Saturday morning. John/WL7M will send out an announcement via the Moosehorn email reflector.

Ed Cole/KL7UW gave a report on planning for Hamfest. He has set up a website for the event which is linked to from the Moosehorn ARC web site. We are still working on setting up presentations for the 12 to 3 pm time frame. The drawing will be held at 3 pm. Ed’s plan is to purchase a good mobile rig, possibly dual band and a couple of 2m HTs, plus assorted other goodies. Ed/VE6NH moved to authorize $600 in expenditures for Hamfest door prizes. Van/KL7AN seconded. The motion passed.

The plan is to hold the summer picnic on July 26th at the home of Vic/KL7VIC. More details at the July meeting.

E. New Business
Vic/KL7VIC gave a report on the work he’s done on the MHARC antenna trailer. Thanks for all the hard work, Vic. Reimbursement for Vic’s expenses was already approved at the June meeting.

F. Announcements – None

G. Adjournment
Van/KL7AN moved and Johnny/KL7IGZ seconded. No objection.

H. Program – None

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