MHARC Minutes – July 3, 2014

Meeting Minutes
July 3, 2014

Members Present: John/WL7M, Max/WA7B, Skip/KL7NN, Ed/VE6NH, Ed/KL7UW, Van/KL7AN, Huck/KL3IN, Vic/KL7VIC, Johnny/KL7IGZ, Ron/W8PVZ, Ryan Christman/AB8XX, Jim Sevast/AF3R and Ron Horvath/W8PVZ.

A. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was presented for informational purposes.

B. Approval of Minutes
Motion by Vic/KL7VIC to accept April minutes as published, second by Ed/KL7UW, motion passed.

C. Treasurer’s Report
Motion by Ed/VE6NH, seconded by Vic/KL7VIC to accept report. Motion passed.

D. Old Business
W1AW anniversary event. Van gave a report on the W1AW event. Approximately 35,000 contacts overall. MHARC members logged many of the 800-or-so PSK31 contacts from the MHARC trailer at Ed Back’s house. Ed/KL7UW also burned the midnight oil, making several EME contacts. Alaska ranked near the top of states operating W1AW, only Ohio and—possibly—Texas made more contacts.

Discussed Field Day. MHARC set up the trailer at Skyview H.S. and operated two radios. Station one operated entirely SSB and made 430 contacts. The second station made the following contacts: 23 SSB on 40m, 60 CW on 40m, 3 SSB on 15m, 177 CW on 15m, 37 CW on 20m, total 300. Grand total 730 contacts for a total of 574 points.

During discussion of what we could do better next year, Vic/KL7VIC moved that we check out other locations for FD 2015, notably Home Depot and Kenai H.S. Ed/VE6NH seconded. Motion passed.

Ed/KL7UW gave a report on Hamfest planning. 9 am setup, doors open at 10 am, event ends at 4 pm with a tour of KL7RA’s contest station in Nikiski.

Vic/KL7VIC reminded everyone about the club picnic at his house, scheduled for 1 pm until 4 pm on July 26th. Folks should call Joan to coordinate potluck items.

E. New Business
Discussion about applying for a club callsign to be used in future special events and Field Day. Members were encouraged to investigate possible callsigns and come to the August meeting with suggestions.

Need to write a thank you letter regarding the donation of the Kenwood TS-940.

F. Announcements – Vic/KL7VIC said something to keep in mind for the future…the trailer might need new tires soon.

G. Adjournment
Vic/KL7VIC moved and Van/KL7AN seconded. No objection.

H. Program – None

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