MHARC Minutes – November 6, 2014

Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2014

Attendees: Max, WA7B; Huck, KL3IN; Bill, KL7RHJ; Ed, VE6NH/; Skip, KL7NN; Ted, KL3RG and Rich, KL2PM

A. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was presented for informational purposes.

B. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on October 2, 2014 were presented. Huck, KL3IN moved to approve the minutes upon a call sign correction. This was seconded by Skip, KL7NN, motion passed.

C. Treasurer’s Report
Balances in the two checking accounts remained the same as was reported in October.
Huck, KL3IN, moved the report be accepted, seconded by Seconded by Skip, KL7NN. Motion passed.

D. Old Business:
Huck, KL3IN stated he had been to the area where the Club does the highway cleanup and found just a few items needing to be picked up. He also noted that President John had wondered if we might take on cleaning from mile post 73-74. It is now assigned to Nick’s Guide Service, and if there is enough interest to take this additional mile on, we can ask the State Highway Department about this. A decision was tabled until a future meeting.

Regarding a question concerning back-up power at the club repeater site, Ed, VE6NH/ stated that it was backed up by the system that ACS had in place and there should be no worries about not having power there in the event of a serious emergency.

Huck also reported on the recent SET. He and John, WL7M did have some success at this event. Discussed further was the need to move the transceiver out to the large conference room from time to time and it was suggested that this could easily be accomplished via a longer piece of coax running from the present radio room.

Huck also spoke about issues with the ALMAR radio repeaters during the recent wild land fire in which too many individuals tried to access the nearest repeater causing a shutdown of the system.

E. New Business
Ed, VE6NH/ said he had a donation of some smaller batteries for use in the Club EmComm trailer. These would be in addition to the present batteries. He mentioned that the trailer needs a better charging system/chargers for the batteries and that he’d like to have a work party to attend to some of the remaining projects that need taken care of in the trailer.

It was announced that candidates are needed for the year 2015 and the election is slated for the December meeting. President John declines to run although is willing to maintain the website and help with events. The Treasurer asked to be replaced as well.

F. Announcements:
Upcoming programs: December, Responder Ready.

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