MHARC Minutes – Jan. 3, 2013

Moose Horn Amateur Radio Club
Meeting Minutes
January 3, 2013

The monthly meeting of the Moose Horn Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 1900 on January 3, 2013 by President John Pfeifer, WL7M, at the EOC in Soldotna.

John, WL7M; Max, WA7B; Bill, KL7RHJ; Ed, VE6NH/; Van, KL7AN; Tim, KL3CV, Chuck, NL7PW; John, KL7IGZ; Robert, KL2RU; Vic, KL7VIC; Skip, KL7NN; Robert, AL2B.

A. Approval of Agenda
The agenda was presented for informational purposes.

B. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on December 6, 2012 were read. Van, KL3AN, moved the minutes be accepted, seconded by Ed. VE6NH/, motion passed.

D. Old Business:
Donna, KL∅DM, contacted the Kenai River Center to see if the building could be used for the Club’s Holiday Potluck. After discussion, attendees thought January 19 would be a good date, and this day or an alternate will be chosen and the membership notified by e-mail.

The local IRLP situation was again discussed briefly. Robert, AL2B, has removed the equipment from the home of Don Merry. Don is now at home and Robert will speak with him about installing the station there again once Don is settled in.

John, WL7M, said the cost of printing the club brochure was around $.80 or $.90 each. He will print a “batch” on his personal printer, asking that the Club reimburse him for the cost of one ink cartridge, estimated to be around $35 or $40.

Ideas for boosting attendance were again discussed. A number of suggestions were made for future programs such as special speakers, more meetings at member’s homes, equipment demonstrations, packet demo, kit building, videos, soldering, antenna building, a class on IRLP, PSK31, programming HT’s, etc.

E. New Business:
Correspondence was received from Ron Keech, KL7YK, concerning any interest in participating in a State QSO party. Attendees discussed and some interest was shown. A suggestion was made to contact Rich, KL7RA, who does a lot of contesting and get some advice from him on putting this together.

Discussion ensued on how to get more attendance and participation at the club meetings. Members were urged to step forward and offer ideas on programs for the future. It is believed that there is a lot of talent in the membership that could be shared in future meetings.

F. Announcements:
Vic, KL7VIC, reported that the new fenders for the tower trailer were too small and they were being exchanged for a larger set.

The club website is in need of updating and an experienced volunteer is needed to take on this task.

G. Adjournment:
No further business was brought forward and Vic, KL7VIC, moved to adjourn at 1955, seconded by Van, KL7AN, motion passed.

H. Program:
President John gave a presentation and demonstration of VLF or natural radio. He had a number of hand-outs and recordings of sounds heard at these very low frequencies. He also demonstrated a couple receiver kits he had built that pick up these signals.

I. Agenda for Next Meeting:
Further discussion of a possible QSO party
Ed, VE6NH/, will show the video on antenna construction.

Minutes submitted by: Bill Nelson – Secretary/Treasurer

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